We love what we do

Want to be a part of something rare in this industry? At QC games we are a group of passionate gamers and developers creating new worlds and new gameplay for gamers. We are not beholden to ivory tower development or to preconceived notions of what players or the market want. We are not only willing to innovate, we are defining ourselves by our commitment to innovation.

Some of us at QC Games are industry veterans who have been building the world’s best online games for decades. Some of us are relatively new to the business. No matter your particular background, we believe in empowering our team members and treating them the way we want to be treated – like adults. Does that mean every single one of your great ideas is going to make it into the game? Nope. Most ideas are terrible. But you knew that already. Bring your best work, and be prepared to battle it out to see what wins.


Benefits & Perks

Job Openings

We’ve listed the jobs we are hiring over the next 6 months below. If you don’t see your gig listed but still want us to take a look, that’s fine! We still want to hear from you.

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