Wanted: Problem Solvers

QC Games was founded on the core principal of ownership at all levels. Whether you are a veteran developer or this is your first job, we want developers who can identify problems, create solutions, and be responsible for outcomes. If that sounds like you, then get on down here to Austin! We build games in a great community for creativity & culture, food & family, music & multiple viewpoints.

  • Embrace the Community

    We don’t believe in ivory tower development. At QC Games. we look forward to being able to interact directly with gamers. Our developers will be a part of the community.

  • Team

    Our founders have been building AAA games for decades. We have built some of your favorite games across all genres and platforms.

  • Dev Philosophy

    You get the best when you expect the best, and when you allow smart, creative people to solve problems together. We respect leadership in every team member.

  • Life Philosophy

    Research shows that nothing good comes from working long hours, and our own experience has proven that there is a better way.